About Us:

Founded in 1985 by Patrick McMurray, The Wire Works Inc. is the industry leader in the field of traditional and specialty tile roofing fasteners and metal roofing accessories. The methods and systems shown on this site are the cumulative techniques for the attachment of one of the oldest, man-made building materials in history, the roofing tile. Roofing tiles have been a constant in the architectural histories of numerous cultures and societies. Roofing tiles of fired terra cotta have been found in sites from ancient Greece that have been dated to 4700B.C.E.

The practical application and use of the roofing tile was developed and appreciated by our ancestors. Try to visualize ancient Greece or Rome, without red terra cotta tiled villas and temples. Where would the majesty of the Forbidden City of China be without her sweeping, glazed ceramic roof tiles?

Roofing tiles have accented and defined the architectural identity of numerous cultures throughout the ages. The Iberian influence of Moorish Spain is still seen today in the architectural signature of South America and the American Southwest.

Numerous roofing hardware products have come and gone, all with the goal of achieving the standard of the roofing tile.

The tile roof has become the hallmark of the steep roofing industr , and within this heritage, are the unnoticed, silent elements that have been a part of this lineage, the techniques and methods of tile fastening systems.

From the early use of sand and mud to mortars, from the use of leather strips and wooden pegs, these methods evolved into today's use of the nail, screws, wires and clips. And as new building materials progressed, so did the attachment solutions for securing the traditional tiled roof.

Today's use of steel, and structural concrete as a decking substrate created the need for innovative tile attachment systems. Today's industrial age allows for the use of coppers, brasses and stainless steel alloys unheard of in past years. And the use of current manufacturing techniques provides for pre-fabricated mechanical roofing fasteners only dreamt of a few generations past.

The fastening systems manufactured by The Wire Works Inc., are the result of generations of tile installers, architects and engineers experiences, development and progression of knowledge. The intent of this site is to provide to you a general overview of the current technology of mechanical fastening
available for today's tile roof.

The roofing fasteners manufactured by The Wire Works Inc. comply to the protocols of the U.B.C. , recognized under ER#4385.

When you specify a tile roof, please allow The Wire Works Inc. to be a part of your team. Each tile roofing project will be unique. Allow The Wire Works Inc. to provide to you our experience and knowledge. Should you consider specifying The Wire Works Inc. roof fastening system, please consult with us to verify and assist you on your project's specific needs and roofing hardware requirements.